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Margot Geis

Margot Geis

Painting is an art form I always wanted to pursue at some point in my life. Now is the time.  I didn’t study painting in college.  My prior creativity was focused on interior design and interior architecture.   Later I transitioned into real estate, where I have seen many inspiring paintings in people’s homes.  Some of the art was by very famous artists and some by artists unknown to me.  It has sparked my passion to make time to be an artist and paint.  My main interest is abstract art from the time I first saw it in a gallery as a child. It excites the creative mind of the viewer.  It can be decorative or jolting. Different people see different things from different angles in abstract art. 

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Abstract 5.12.2022.jpg
Abstract 5192022.jpg
Diptych Left 2022.jpg
Diptych Left 2022.jpg
Diptych Right 2022.jpg
Spirit Guides 2021.jpg
Dreamscape 2 2022.jpg
Water Lillies Watercolor.jpg
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